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M.L. Henning, Ph.D. ~~~ Communication Consultant

Currently serving as Oregon's only qualified member of the Association of Profession Communication Consultants, Dr. Henning offers in-house seminars, workshops, consultation, and private tutorials to assist clients in various aspects of communications, including:

* Plain English
* Written & Spoken Communications
* Audience Awareness
* Appeals to Multiple Cognitive & Learning Styles
* Bias-Free Usage

Working from participant-friendly presentations and seminars, business and government professionals learn to use stategies that can immediately improve communication skills, enabling them to transform their ideas into clear and effective language. Participants learn also such reading and listening strategies as deciphering meaning in structures and voice, "popping airbags," recognizing use of "ultimate terms," and discerning other such in-coming language ploys.

Dr. Henning holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition and post-doctoral training with the APCC.

Dr. Martha L. Henning

7430 SW 76th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97223

For further information, please see

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Dr. Henning's book ~~ *Beyond Understanding*: *Beyond Understanding: Appeals to the Imagination, Passions, and Will in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Women's Fiction* reveals nineteenth-century abilities to think and write holistically.
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The Young Rhetoricians' Conference (YRC): Dr. Henning co-directs the YRC each June in Monterey, California. Join us.

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