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The Young Rhetoricians' Conference Program ~~ 1999


Thursday, June 24
8:00-10:30  (Points Lobby)	
             REGISTRATION / WELCOME / Coffee     Coordinator:  Jane Zunkel  
                Coffee Compliments of  Allyn and Bacon Publishers   

                         BOOK FAIR 	(Captain's Table Room)
         Publishers include:   Allyn &  Bacon, Harcourt Brace, HarperCollins,
               Mayfield, Prentice Hall, McGraw-Hill, Houghton-Mifflin, 
                         The Rosenberg Group, Simon & Schuster 

10:30-12:00 	OPENING GENERAL SESSION #1: Voices Near, Far, Old, and New 

(Pt Cabrillo Room) 		
        Chair: Sterling Warner (Evergreen Valley College)
	"Who Speaks for Wolf?:  The Past as Prologue"   
              Kathleen Hudson (Scriebner College, Texas)
	"Reconsidering Racism and Multi-Culturalism"
              Victor Villanueva (Washington State University) 

12:00-1:20  (On the Beach)	BEACH BARBECUE!
	          (costs covered by conference fees)
1:30-3:00	THURSDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS--First Series

(Pt Pinos Room)	WORKSHOP 1:	A Tribute to Edward P.J. Corbett:
                                The Forever-Young Rhetorician of the Year

	Chair & Presenter:  Kelly McClain (CA State University, Bakersfield)
	Paul Bator (Stanford University, CA)
       Steve Wright (California State University, San Bernardino)
       Heather Morgan (California State University, Bakersfield)
       Diana Rolof (California State University, San Bernardino)
(Pt Alones Room)       	WORKSHOP 2:	Popular Culture Regenerating Discourse 
                                        Among Icons and Images

	Chair:  Paul Lukes (San Jose City College)
       "Reading the Hidden Message in Mass Media"
              Heloise Rusking (Bergen College, NJ)
	"From Genes to Jeans:  Memes, Popular Culture, and Written Communication"
              Bill Swanson (South Puget Sound College, WA)
	"Writing the Blues:  Interviewing 'Blues Singers'"
              Kathleen Hudson (Scriebner College, TX)

(Pt Cabrillo Room)  	WORKSHOP 3:	Learning the Natural Way:  
                                        Mother/Daughter Interactions
              Gabrielle Rico (San Jose State University)
              Simone Rico (Mayfield Publishing Company)

3:00-3:30		COFFEE BREAK   (Points Lobby)
              Compliments of McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

3:30-5:00	THURSDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS--Second Series

(Pt Alones Room)   	WORKSHOP 4: 	Alternative Rhetorics:  Challenges to 
                                        the Rhetorical Tradition 

	"'Deep' Assessment"
              Jill Daley (Modesto Community College, CA)		
	"'That is Not What I Meant At All':  The Challenges of Communicating 
              Effectively in Composition Classrooms"
              Lisa Wallace (North Park University, Chicago, IL) 
	"Getting Our Heads on Straight:  Realpolitik and Critical Thinking"
              Bruce Henderson (Fullerton College)			

(Pt Pinos Room)		WORKSHOP 5:	Massaging the "Basic" in 
                                        Developmental Writing
	Chair:  Lynda Swanson  (South Puget Sound, WA)
	"The Intensive Learning Experience and Developmental Writers"
               Judy Hilliard  (San Jose State University, CA)
	"The 'Common Place' Book:  An Aid to Basic Writers Facing Timed Essays"
                Mary Ellen Braun (Bakersfield College, CA)
	"Mentoring:  Making a Difference in the Information"
               Jane Zunkel (Portland Community College, OR)

(Pt. Cabrillo Room) 	WORKSHOP 6: 	Getting On with the Process of Writing:  
                                        Writing Centers as "Places to Go"

	"Exciting Writing:  Bringing New Energy and Enthusiasm to Writing Centers 
             & Classes"
             Allison Holland (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)
	"Imposing Upon Writers' Agency"
             Cassundra Flemister-White (California State Univ., San Bernadino)
	Respondent:  Leigh Ann Golden (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)
       Respondent:  Cortney Taylor (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)

5:15-6:30              A COCKTAIL FORUM:  Adjunct Instructors, Non-Tenure Track
Fireside Lounge                           Faculty, and Future Prospects Amid
                                          Unsituated Paradigms
       Facilitator/Host:  Kim Flachmann (California State Univ., Bakersfield)                                   

Friday, June 25

7:30-9:00           Facing New Life Forms in a Liquid Job Market
                           A Graduate Student Breakfast
                      (Sign-up in the Points Lobby: Thursday)

8:00-9:30		REGISTRATION/Coffee  (Points Lobby)  
                             Coordinator: Jane Zunkel   
                        Coffee Compliments of  McGraw-Hill

 		             BOOK FAIR (Captain's Table)
            Publishers:   Allyn &  Bacon, Harcourt Brace, HarperCollins,
               Mayfield, Prentice Hall, McGraw-Hill, Houghton-Mifflin, 
                         The Rosenberg Group, Simon & Schuster

9:30-11:00		FRIDAY GENERAL SESSION #2: Continuing Dialogues          	
(Point Cabrillo Room)

	Chair:  John Lovas (De Anza College)	
	"Content, Character, and Composition:  A Conversation with Shelby Steele"
              Shelby Steele (San Jose State University / Stanford University)
11:15-12:00 	RHETORICIAN OF THE YEAR 1999:  
                                    Victor Villanueva
                             (Washington State University)
		            Introduction: Martha L. Henning 
                              (Portland Community College)	
12:30-2:00	FRIDAY LUNCHEON SPEAKER: Diem Jones (St. Marys College; 
                        poetry collections include Sufi Warrior)
                 Chair: Reginald Lockett (San Jose City College)	
                        (costs covered by conference fees)

2:15-3:45	FRIDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS--First Series

(Pt Pinos Room)		WORKSHOP 7:   Making Contributions:  Writing & Publishing 
                                      in College Composition Journals
	Jeanne Gunner, Editor:  College English  (Santa Clara University, CA)
	Kevin Parker, Editor:  Inside English  (Orange Coast College)

(Pt Alones Room) 	WORKSHOP 8:   "Conflicts of Interest" or "Partnerships":  
                                         College/Business Liaisons

	Chair: Martha L. Henning (Portland Community College, Portland, OR)
       "How to Do Our Jobs (Politically) While Keeping Them"
              Victor Villanueva (Washington State University)
       "Academic Excellence or Corporate Efficiency:  Who's Calling the Shots?"
	Respondent:  Jean Anderson Embree (Evergreen Valley College, CA)   
 	Respondent:  Peggy Messerschmidt (Mission College)

(Pt Cabrillo Room)	WORKSHOP  9:	 TYCA Roundtable:  The Un-Situated Images 
                                         of Two-Year College:  Perspectives

	Chair: Janice Albert (Los Positas College, CA)
	"Reviewing the Situations:  An Administrator's Perspective of Two-Year 
        College and Popular Culture"
               Mildred White (Ohlone College, CA)
	"Looking at Community Colleges:  One Instructor's Perspective"
               Carolyn Zerboni (Mission College, CA)
       "Both Sides Now:  Insights of a Two-Year and Four-Year College Student"
               Jain Koepke (Santa Clara University)			 
        Respondent:  Margarita Quizada (Evergreen Valley College, CA)

3:45-4:00 		Coffee Break   (Points Lobby)
             Coffee Compliments of McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

4:00-5:30     	FRIDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS--Second Series

(Pt Pinos Room)	        WORKSHOP 10: 	Where the Rubber Meets the Road:  
                                        Contact Between Publishers 
                                        & Authors

	Chair:  Joe Hanson (Mayfield)  
	Sue Brekka (Prentice-Hall)
	Kylie Johnson (Harcourt Brace)
	Nathan Malone  (Allyn & Bacon)
       Simone Rico  (Mayfield)
       Dawn Skorczewski  (St. Martin/Bedford)

(Pt Alones Room)	WORKSHOP  11:	Chumming the Internet:  Invention Gone 

	Chair:  Doug Sweet  (Santa Clara University, CA)
	Perri Gallager (Chabot College, CA)
	Ruth Elowitz (Santa Rosa Community College, CA)
              "Bulding Learning Communities Online:  What Works?"

(Pt Cabrillo Room)	WORKSHOP  12:	Service Learning:  Offering 
                                        the Missing Link 

       "From Campus To Community:  Using Service Learning in
               Composition and Critical Thinking Classes"
               Luce Rosenberg (Pasadena City College, CA)
       "Good Medicine for Writing:  Service Learning"
               Thomas D. Zlatic (St. Louis College of Pharmacy, MO)
       Respondent:  Cheryl Smith (CSU Bakersfield)

8:30-11:00          (Le Grande Banquet Room)
	     Sponsored by Mayfield Publishing Company

Saturday, June 26

8:00-9:00	REGISTRATION/Coffee  (Points Lobby)  Coordinator: Jane Zunkel
                  Coffee Compliments of  Harcourt Brace College Publishers

9:15-10:45		SATURDAY CUTTING EDGE SESSION: Indian Rhetorics 	
(Le Grande Banquet Room)

 	"Composition Theories and American Indian Literatures"
                Julie La May (Chaffey College)
	"The Four Directions Institute:  A Case Study of Cultural Immersion"
                Larry Sunderland  (Four Directions Institute)					 
	"Classroom Experience Vs. Tribal Sensilities:  A Student's Perspective 
         on Survival"
                Susan Dominguez (Riverside College, Juaneno)        
       "Native Americans and Traditional Methods of Education:  An Instructor's
                Andy Delao  (Los Angeles School District)
       "Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Academic Multiculturalism"
                John Orendorff  (Director, American Indian Education Commission)

11:00-12:30  		CLOSING SESSION: Chaos Among the Clusters:  Writing the 
                                         Natural Way in Unnatural Sites

	Facilitator:  Hans Guth (Santa Clara University)
	Presenter:  Gabriele Rico  (San Jose State University)


	 	Victor Villanueva               1999
                Nell Ann Pickett		1998
		Winifred Bryan Horner		1997
		Anne Ruggles Gere		1996
		Sondra Perl			1995
		Donald McQuade			1994
		Lynn Troyka			1993
		Peter Elbow			1992
		Maxine Harrrison		1991		 
		Shirley Brice Heath		1990
		Edward P. J. Corbett		1989
		Bob Gorrell			1988
       YRC Co-Chairs/Directors:  Martha L. Henning and Sterling Warner 								

           (Visit the YRC website for next year's developments)	
A Special Thanks to Allyn & Bacon, Harcourt Brace College Publishers, 
HarperCollins, Mayfield Publishing Company, McGraw-Hill, NTCE, The
Rosenberg Group, Houghton-Mifflin, and Simon and Schuster for sponsoring 
special activities at the 1999 Young Rhetoricians' Conference.																  

      Year 2000 Young Rhetoricians' Conference: 

                      Where Edges Meet:  
      Whither Goes 21st-Century Composition and Rhetoric?	
               Thursday, June 22 through Saturday, June 24 
	       Where?		The Monterey Beach Hotel
				2600 San Dunes Drive
				Monterey, CA   93940

	Call for papers: 		June 2, 1999 to February 1, 2000

Until February 1, 2000, we are accepting proposals for the YRC-2000 concurrent 
and general sessions. In keeping with the sense of the conference, please try 
to show an interplay between theory and practice--not privileging one above the 
other. You may submit a proposal for either a whole 1 1/2 hour session (of more
than one persons) or for the place in such a session.  The sooner you can
send us your proposal the better. 

Please focus you idea(s) and supporting material to read no more than 250
words. In addition, please submit a one sentence description of your
presentation. Please send a ONE copy to each chair, addresses below. Be sure
to include your various means of contact: address(es), affiliation, phone
numbers, FAX numbers, and email information.  We look forward learning of your

Sterling Warner,  English Department, Evergreen Valley College 		
2095  Yerba Buena Road, San Jose, CA  95135
FAX:  (408) 223-9291         	EMAIL:

Martha Henning, Division of English & Modern Languages, 
Portland Community College,  P.O. Box 19000, Portland, OR   97280-0990
FAX:  (503) 977-4874	        EMAIL: 

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