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 Thursday, June 22

8:00-10:30		REGISTRATION/Coffee  (Points Lobby) 
			Coordinator:  Jane Zunkel  

			Coffee Compliments of 
	                Allyn and Bacon Publishers   

(Captain’s  	BOOK FAIR;  Publishers include:
Table)		        Allyn &  Bacon, Harcourt, Mayfield, Newsweek, NCTE, Prentice Hall, 
                        McGraw-Hill, The Rosenberg Group, The Manuscript Store.                                           

10:30-12:00 	OPENING GENERAL SESSION #1:  
(Pt Cabrillo)	
¨ Opening Comments/Moderator: Martha L. Henning (Portland Community College)
¨ Kim Flachmann (CSU Bakersfield) "Teaching English or Why We Do the Things We Do"
12:00-1:20		BEACH BARBECUE
(On the Beach)	       (Costs covered by conference fees -- 
                               Frisbees courtesy of Prentice Hall)

1:30-3:00	THURSDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS--First Series

(Pt Pinos)	WORKSHOP 1: 	Contemporary Issues & Learning Environments:  
 				Ways to Self-Confidence Through Writing 

¨ Moderator:  William Swanson  (South Puget Sound College, Washington)

¨ "Building Self-confidence Through Humor, Positive Comments, and Feedback" 
         Angela M. Melone (University of Texas at Dallas)
¨ "Telling Your Story: A Way to Learn, a Way to Teach" Kathleen Hudson 
         (Schreiner College, Texas)

Thursday, June 22
(Pt Alones)       WORKSHOP 2:	Truth and/or Consensus ~~ Transformations 
 				 	of Rhetoric Through Time 
¨ Moderator:  Hans P. Guth (Santa Clara University)
¨ "‘Wise Thinking’" and "‘Elegant Speaking’: Did Augustine Really Understand 
         Ciceronian Rhetoric?" Holly A. Raatikka (Iowa State University)
¨ "Alternative to Dialectic: The Elder Sophists and Conversational Argument" 
         Terri Ann Burack (Iowa State University)

(Pt Cabrillo)  	WORKSHOP 3:	Writing Centers 2000:  Purpose, Practice, 
                                        Practicality, Problems 
¨ Moderator/Respondent: Sheng-Tai Cheng (Long Beach Community College)
¨ "Executive Orders and Basic Skills:  Who is Looking After Whom?"  
          Judy Hilliard  (San Jose State University)	
¨"Touching Edges of Authority and Innovation:  An Instructor's Role in 
          Designing Writing Center Curriculum:  Rose Anna Higashi 
         (Evergreeen Valley College)
¨"Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum."  Cindy Hicks (Chabot College)				 
3:00-3:30		   Coffee Break   (Points Lobby)

3:30-5:00	THURSDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS--Second Series

(Pt Alones)   	WORKSHOP 4: 	With a Little Help from My Friends: The  
                                Proven Benefits of Tutoring, Reading, 
                                and Writing Labs to Composition Students

¨ Cheryl Smith (CSU, Bakerfield}			
¨ Rebecca Hewett (CSU, Bakerfield}	
¨ Monique Idoux (CSU, Bakerfield}	
¨ Rebecca Juarez (CSU, Bakerfield}

(Pt Pinos)	WORKSHOP 5:	Takes on Assessment: Exploring Hidden
 				Agendas and The Right to Fail 
¨ Moderator: 
¨ "The Voices Our Students Hear:  Our Agendas Within Assessment" David Ramsey 
       (Miami University of Ohio)
¨ "Response as Conversation: A Bakhtinian Theory of Responding to 
       Student Writing" Joe Wenig (Purdue University, Indiana)
¨ "The Right to Fail," Bruce Henderson (Fullerton College)


(Pt. Cabrillo) 	WORKSHOP 6: 	Popular Culture: Exploring Edges Among 
 				Discourse, Icons, and Images 
¨ Moderator:  Heloise Ruskin (Bergen Community College, New Jersey)
¨ "Barbie: Icon of American Womanhood," Sara Blake (El Camino College)
¨ Respondent, Cara Unger (Miami University, Ohio)
¨ Respondent, Peter Stock  (Portland Community College)

5:15-6:30   A Cocktail Forum:  Non-Tenure Track Faculty, Adjunct Instructors,
			and Future Prospects For Graduate Students   
(Fireside	 	Facilitator/Host: Kim Flachmann (CSU Bakersfield)

Friday, June 23  

7:30-9:00		Facing New Life Forms in a Liquid Job Market 
			A Graduate Student Forum Breakfast 
			(sign up in the Points Lobby: 6/22/00) 
8:00-9:30		REGISTRATION/Coffee  (Points Lobby)
			Coordinator: Jane Zunkel   
                        Coffee Courtesy of Prentice Hall

(Captain’s 	        BOOK FAIR; Publishers include: 
  Table)                Allyn &  Bacon, Harcourt, Mayfield, Newsweek, Prentice Hall, 
                        NCTE, McGraw-Hill, The Rosenberg Group, The Manuscript Store. 
9:30-11:15	FRIDAY GENERAL SESSION #2: Dancing on Innovative Edges or 
                        Embracing Mainstream Practices
((Pt. Cabrillo)	 		
     ¨Opening Comments:  Sterling Warner (Evergreen Valley College)
     ¨Moderator/Speaker:  Mildred White (Ohlone College) 
     ¨Andy Troup (CSU Bakersfield)
     ¨Lynn Fauth (Moorpark College)
     ¨Heather Griffiths (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)
     ¨Angela Meiss (CSU Fullerton)

 (Pt. Cabrillo)         Shirley Logan   (University of Maryland)
           Virtual Presenter:  Victor Villanueva (Washington University)

Friday, June 23		
12:30-2:00	 	FRIDAY LUNCHEON
                     (costs covered by conference fees)

   Banquet Room )			     
                         Brenda Boykin
       Multi-Lingual Jazz & Blues Historian and Songwriter
        Facilitator: Kathleen Hudson (Schreiner College)

2:15-3:45	FRIDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS--First Series

(Pt Pinos)	WORKSHOP  7: 	Looking for the Creative Pedagogical Edge 
¨ Moderator:  Tiffany Higgins (Evergreen Valley College)
¨"Teaching Historical, Cultural, and Social Backgrounds of SNOW FALLING 
       ON CEDARS as Preparation to Write College Research Papers
       Tiffany Higgins (Evergreen Valley College)
¨ "The Words of Living Docutments:  Poetry"  Tobey Kaplan (Bay Area Poet)
¨ "Experiments in Poetry, Place, and Photography"  Rachel Sherman (Chabot College) 

(Pt Alones) 	WORKSHOP  8:	Service Learning: Where Edges Meet Classroom  
 				and Community 

¨ Moderator:  Miriam Freiter (North Harris College, Texas)
¨ Cara Unger (Miami University, Ohio)
¨ Respondent, Bruce Henderson (Fullerton College)   

(Pt Cabrillo)	WORKSHOP  9:	 Electric Pulses and Student Performance
¨ Moderator, Jo-Ann Wang (Evergreen Valley College)     
¨ "Re-evaluating Our Web Courses: Teaching Goals and the Web"  
       Vince Piro (Merced College)   
¨ "The Agony and the Ecstasy:  The Best and Worst of On-line Discussions 
       in a Critical Thinking Class"  Barbara Tull (Ohlone College)
¨ Respondent, Jim Hinton  (Monterey Peninsula College)
Friday, June 23

3:45-4:00 		Coffee Break   (Points Lobby)
                       Coffee Compliments ofMcGraw-Hill

4:00-5:30     	FRIDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS--Second Series

(Pt Pinos)     WORKSHOP 10: Beyond Dialectic: Other Postures On Critical Thinking 

¨ Moderator:  Marcia Corcoran (Evergreen Valley College)
¨ "From the ‘Thou Shalt Not' School of Instruction and Beyond"  Janice Albert 
        (Las Positas College)
¨ "Writing Assignments for Critical Thinking: A Model for Teachers"  
         Stacy Seibert (Purdue University)
¨ Respondent:  Christy Brown (Mission College)

(Pt Alones)	WORKSHOP 11:  Publishers' Panel:  The Hard & Soft Sides of 
  			Promoting Cultural Excellence in the Information Age

¨  Prentice Hall  ~~  Jeff Hester / Corey Good
¨  Harcourt  ~~  Ben Elderd  
¨  McGraw-Hill  ~~  Brett Gillis
¨  Rosenberg Group  ~~  Michael Rosenberg (in abstentia)	  
¨  Allyn & Bacon  ~~  Nathan Melone
¨  Mayfield  ~~  Renee Deljon
¨  Newsweek  ~~  Tess Greenup 
¨  The Manuscript Store  ~~  Carol Wada (in abstentia)

(Pt Cabrillo)	WORKSHOP  12:	Retrofitting Delivery Modes While 
 				Respecting Curriculums that Work  

¨ Moderator:  Peggy Messersmidt (Mission College)
¨ "Resonant Rearticulations: Mimetic Strategies in Memoir and in the 
      Classroom," Jennifer Love (University of Nevada)
¨ "Auto/Biography R Us or Did That Really Happen To You?"  Karen Palmer 
     (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)
¨ "Tech Writing for the Masses or ‘Uh, Will I Need This To Get a Job?’" 
     Allison Holland  (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)			 
¨ Respondent:  Phuong Barhoumi  (Evergreen Valley College)

8:00-11:00       	LIVE MUSIC & ROCK & ROLL DANCE  
(The Bay View		         Sponsored by 
    Room)	          Mayfield Publishing Company

Saturday, June 26

8:00-9:00		REGISTRATION/Coffee   
 		        Coordinator: Jane Zunkel
(Le Grande
Banquet Room) 		Coffee Courtesy of 
                        Harcourt College Publishers

9:30-11:00	SATURDAY CUTTING EDGE SESSION: The Rhetoric of American 
 						Indian Education

¨ Chair: Julie LaMay (Chaffey College)
¨ "Storytelling as a Pedagogical Approach" Julie LaMay (Chaffey College)
¨ "Philosophy and Native Cultures: An Exploration of Assumptions and Approaches" 
       Wanda Teay  (Mount St. Mary's College)
¨ "Choreographed Identities" Sharon Weighill  (UC Riverside)
¨ "Poetry in Motion" Lorenzo Baca  (UCLA) 

11:00-12:00  	CLOSING SESSION: Blue Notes in the Composition and Communication: 
                     YRC Roundtable Wrap-up
(Pt Cabrillo	

2001 Young Rhetoricians' Conference:	
Thursday, June 21 through Saturday, June 23, 2001, 
the opening date for the annual Monterey Blues Festival)

Where?	The Monterey Beach Hotel
		2600 San Dunes Drive
		Monterey, CA   93940

Call for papers:   July 1, 2000 to February 1, 2001 (the sooner the better)


YRC Co-Chairs/Directors: Sterling Warner and Martha L. Henning
Watch for the premier of the YRC Electronic Journal during the fall semester 2000
(Visit the YRC website for the link)