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Thursday, June 21

8:00-10:30      REGISTRATION/Coffee  	(Points Lobby)  
    		BOOK EXHIBITION 	(Room:  Captain’s Table)   

     Publishers include  Allyn & Bacon, Bedford/St. Martins, Harcourt 
     College Publishers, Longman, McGraw-Hill, The Manuscript Store, 
     Mayfield, NCTE, Newsweek, and Prentice Hall

10:30-12:00     (Room:  Pt. Cabrillo)   OPENING GENERAL SESSION #1: 
     I Walk Online: Please Package My Classwork to Go    

     Opening Comments/Moderator: Sterling Warner (Evergreen Valley College)
     "Is Online Learning a Threat to the Liberal Arts?" 
          Mark Charles Fissel (Augusta State University)
     "Electronic Media and Culture" 
          Michelle R. Kendrick   (Washington State University)
12:00-1:20              BEACH BARBECUE
     (On the Beach  —  Costs covered by conference fees) 
1:30-3:00   THURSDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS—First Series

WORKSHOP 1  (Room:  Pt. Pinos)     
     Teaching on the Edge: Traditional Expectation, Current Realities 

     "Teaching and Writing Autistically: Notes on Interplanetary 
          Jean Kearns Miller (Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI)
     "Teaching Composition to the Disenfranchised" 
          Diana Ramseyer       
WORKSHOP 2  (Room:  Pt. Alones) 
     From Online Tutorials to Writing Center Modules:  Who’s Serving Whom?
     "Mission Improbable: My Students Can’t Write; Can You Fix Them?"
          Cheryl Smith  (California State University, Bakersfield)             
          Allison Holland  (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)

WORKSHOP 3  (Room:  Pt. Cabrillo)     
     Cracking Open Computers, Retrieving Information, Losing Memory    
     "Good Practices for Developing and Instructing Online English
          Sara Blake (El Camino College)
     "Computers, Popular Culture, and Current Events"  Semiotic 
          Approaches to Writing"   
          Rebecca Hewett (CSU, Bakersfield)   
3:00-3:30     (Points Lobby)         Coffee Break   

3:30-5:00   THURSDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS—Second Series

WORKSHOP 4  (Pt. Alones)   Differential Loading and Student/Teacher 
     Ratios in English  —  There’s No Mystery Behind Its Success       
     Moderators:  Janice Albert (Los Positas College)
                  Fran Lorzano (Gavilan College)
     "Building Bridges for Transfer Students:  It's Our 
          Kim Flachmann (CSU Bakersfield)
     "Load Reduction: Opening Doors to Creative Learning/Teaching 
          William Silver (Evergreen Valley College)

WORKSHOP 5  (Pt. Pinos)  Bringing Practice to Theory: Re-conceiving 
     Moderator: Roohi Vora (San Jose State University) 
     "Assessment Pedagogy, Test Scores, and Real Learning ‘Outcomes’:
          When Does Evaluation  Preclude the Intellectual Quest?" 
          Bill Swanson (Puget Sound Community College, WA)
     "That Package Called Assessment  . . . Sure, Portfolios Reflect 
          Student Learning & Energy, But Doing Them Sure Is Work!"  
          David Ramsey  (Miami University of Ohio)

WORKSHOP 6  (Pt. Cabrillo)   Dusting Creative Edges: Sexy Curriculum 
          and Critical Thinking Are Not Enough    
     Moderator/Presenter: Katharine Harer (Skyline College)
     "Desire and Pleasure:  Language Poetry in the College Classroom"
          Wendy L. Smith (Miramar College) 
          Don Cheney (UC San Diego)

COCKTAIL FORUM:  Thursday Evening, 5:15-6:30 or so  
     (Fireside Lounge  — a no-host bar)
     Future Prospects For Graduate Students, Non-Tenure Track Faculty,
          and Adjunct Instructors 
     Facilitator: Kim Flachmann (CSU Bakersfield)

Friday, June 22
7:30-9:30       "Facing New Life Forms in a Liquid Job Market"
        A Graduate Student Forum Breakfast in the Resort Restaurant
        (Please sign up for this breakfast as you register on Thursday)
8:00-10:00      REGISTRATION/Coffee  (Points Lobby)
 		BOOK EXHIBITION (Captain’s  Table)
     Publishers include Allyn & Bacon, Bedford/St. Martins, Harcourt 
     College Publishers, Longman, McGraw-Hill, The Manuscript Store, 
     Mayfield, NCTE, Newsweek, and Prentice Hall

10:00-11:30 (Pt Cabrillo)        FRIDAY GENERAL SESSION #2:   
     External Expectations:  Internal Student Needs, Faculty 

     Opening Comments:  Mildred White (Olone College) 
     "Cultivating Humanity: Writing Within and Beyond the Disciplines"    
          Robert Jones (University of Arizona)
     Closing Comments:  "'Hey, What’s the Big Idea?' — Ed.Ds and CEOs 
          as Directors of our Curriculum and Pedagogy"  
          Martha Henning (Portland Community College)
11:30-11:45  (Pt Cabrillo)
                  RHETORICIAN OF THE YEAR 2001:
                         A Dedication
12:00-2:00    (La Grande Banquet Room)      
                        FRIDAY LUNCHEON
              (Costs covered by conference fees)

                   FRIDAY LUNCHEON SPEAKER:
                        DAVID MELTZER 
Accomplished musician and scholar, David Meltzer, from the New College
of California Humanities, joins us at our luncheon.  Meltzer 
collaborated with Ishmael Reed and Al Young on the Before Columbus 
Foundation for the advancement of multicultural literature. A prolific
literary figure, Meltzer has recorded several albums and authored many
books of poetry as well as books on poetics. His most recent books 
include the two anthologies, Reading Jazz (1993) and Writing Jazz (1996).
     Facilitator: Kathleen Hudson (Schreiner College)

2:15-3:45   FRIDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS—First Series

WORKSHOP  7  (Pt. Pinos)  Using The Creative Impetus  
     "Observations and Writing: Taking it to the Senses" 
          Elissa Caruth (Oxnard College)
     "Establishing Point of View: Using the Fred Muir Diagram" 
          Ted Brett (Gavilan College)     

WORKSHOP  8  (Pt. Alones)  Pentium Rainbows or Chipping Away at 
     Shadows: Perspectives of Computers and Writing

     "Unpackaging Computer Programs, Exploring Motives Lurking Within"  
          Jean Embree (Evergreen College)
     "Computers and Writing:  Been There? Done That?  Let's Take
          Another Look"
          Julie LaMay (Chaffey College)

WORKSHOP  9  (Pt. Cabrillo)  East and West: The Rhetorical Balance

     Moderator:  Phuong Barhoumi  (Evergreen College)
     "The Glory of War: Truth, Apate, and Redeeming Value" 
          Bernie Miller (Eastern Michigan University)
    "The Ying/Yang of Rhetoric" 
          Hans Guth (University of Santa Clara) 
     Respondents:  Kerrie Buis (CSU, Bakersfield)
                   Vince Piro (Merced College)
3:45-4:00     (Points Lobby)       Coffee Break  

4:00-5:30       FRIDAY P.M. WORKSHOPS—Second Series

WORKSHOP 10    (Pt. Alones)    Lessons From the Past, Touchstones 
     to the Future, Literature All Around Us    

     Moderator: Sara Blake (El Camino College)
     "The Bard as Rhetorician," 
          Peter Raleigh (Modesto Jr. College)
     "California Authors" 
          Janice Albert (Las Positas College)    
WORKSHOP  11  (Pt.Cabrillo)    Publishers’ Panel: Publishers’ 
     Passions, Corporate Bedfellows, and Text-Writers’ Shadows
     —Allyn & Bacon              
     —Bedford/St. Martins            
     —Prentice Hall              

WORKSHOP 12  (Pt. Pinos):    YRC Informal Conversations 

Saturday, June 23

8:00-9:30       (Points Lobby)    REGISTRATION/Coffee 

9:30-11:00  (Pt. Cabrillo)  SATURDAY CUTTING EDGE SESSION: 
     Telling Stories, Writing Lyrics, & Singing Songs from the Edge: 
     One Way to Build Community
         David Breeden (Schreiner College)
         Chris Caldwell    (University of San Francisco)
         Kathleen Hudson (Schreiner College)

11:00-12:00     (Pt. Cabrillo)   CLOSING SESSION: Blue Notes in 
     Composition and Communication: 
     YRC Roundtable Wrap-ups and Customary Inspirational Fireworks