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MEETS JUNE 20-22, 2002

("Young": A rhetorical term denoting a willingness,
in the mind, to dance. See synonym: "Old.")

College Composition and Rhetoric, 2002
Expanding Student Possibilities within a Tightening System

Classroom lights are dimming; doors are closing as classes go on-line. Tenure-track positions are going unrenewed. Publishing companies are consolidating. Our administrators are making decisions based not on ideology and/or pedagogy, but on budget. Even our students want the downsized course--"will we really need this for a job?"

Teaching with an eye to expanding students' writing and cognitive skills --teaching with an eye to expanding students' self- and social-consciousness --is beginning to seem a thorn in the side, a fifth-wheel, an anathema, and an imposition to the job market fast-track. And still, despite diminished funding for professional development, for greater student contact, for office space, indeed, even for continous appointment positions, we continue to teach. And teach, we must, with renewed energy. In the face of the current academic downsize, maintaining free speech, fostering free thought, and teaching communications skills are becoming increasingly crucial to the culture's vitality.

Need a break? Join us in Monterey at the YRC where academics, writers, publishers, and lovers of language will converge as colleagues to explore problems and possibilities as we face systems that would turn student intellectual curiosity and inspiration into outcomes, texbooks into products, educators into instructors, and academic purpose into statistics of employment. The YRC looks to issues and ideas that enable us to enable our students. Bring your concerns—-both ideological and/or intuitive —-to the beach as we gather to rejuvenate ourselves and ponder what we are about—-where the Monterey Bay gently greets general sessions, workshops, panels, and luncheons.


A Mere Sampling of Interactive
Panels, Roundtables, & General Sessions

<> Classroom Chili Peppers: Spicing Up Learning with Alternatives to Lectures

<> Publishers' Panel ~~ You Just Sold My Contract to Whom?!

<> The Commercialization of Composition and Implications for Rhetoric

<> Some Critical Thinking about Critical Thinking

<> Tightening the Screws on Freedom of Speech~~Ouch! Keeping the "Free" in Freedom

<> The Adjunct Writing Teacher: "Staying Alive; Staying Alive."

<> Informal Mentoring: "They Can't Take That Away From Us!"

<> Cutting Edge Session: Keeping Our Edge when Pushed to the Edge.

Book Fair

No basement, this fair. Publishers vie with the view of the Monterey Bay to intrigue you with their best and latest wares. Meet casually with editors to voice your ideas for new texts as you inform them of your classroom and curricular needs.

University Credits Available

And now: Get California State University credit while you enjoy the YRC. Your choice ~~ English or Education ~~ 2 units of in-service credit through CSU Bakersfield at $35 per unit.

“Down in Monterey”

We're booked for June 20-22 at the Monterey Beach Resort. Thursday once again finds us on the hotel beach, settling back for the luncheon barbecue spread. Later, as evening falls on minds astir from afternoon seminars, jazz-based sounds resonate from the balcony above the waves. Stick around as the famed Monterey Blues Festival (the 17th!) begins on Saturday. To learn more of this year's festival, click here:

The Monterey Blues Festival
Perhaps drive the Coast Road to Big Sur~~or seek the ghosts of Jeffers, Steinbeck, Kerouac, Miller, Nin--or take a sunset sailing cruise across the Monterey Bay.

Come regenerate yourself for the coming year.

And So, to Join Us ---


The conference fee includes two major meals: both Thursday's barbecue on the beach and Friday's luncheon with speaker. Preregister with the attached form and a check payable to: "YRC" or “The Young Rhetoricians’ Conference."
        Full-time Faculty: $90. Adjunct Faculty/Students: $70.
Please send form and check to
    Sterling Warner, Co-Chair YRC,
    Evergreen Valley College, 3095 Yerba Buena Road, San Jose, CA 95135


begins around 8:00 AM on Thursday, June 20, 2002, on the fourth floor of the Monterey Beach Resort.
        Full-time Faculty: $100. Adjunct Faculty/Students: $80.


(formerly The Monterey Beach Hotel)

We meet at The Monterey Beach Resort for all general sessions, workshops, luncheons, and book exhibits. The Conference has booked a block of specially priced rooms; ask for “Young Rhetoricians' Conference special rates” when you reserve your room. These special rates remain available until June 6. After June 6, the hotel will charge its usual (higher) rates. Phone for reservations: 1-(800) 242-8627 or, more directly, (831) 394-3321. Or reserve a room through the link to the hotel below. Also available, the Executive Suites is within easy walking distance of the Monterey Beach Hotel.

To reserve a room at the Monterey Beach Resort (a Best Western) and help you envision Thursday's luncheon beach barbecue, click-connect directly to the resort:

The Monterey Beach Resort

Fly directly to Monterey. Or drive down from San Francisco—south on Highway 101 to west on 156 to south on Highway 1 to Del Rey Oaks/Sand City exit. Or fly into San Jose and proceed as from SF or take the scenic route—Highway 17 through the Santa Cruz hills to south on Highway 1 to the Del Rey Oaks/Sand City exit. You'll see resort right on the beach at the end of the exit.


              Martha L. Henning
Division of English and Modern Languages
Portland Community College~~Sylvania
PO Box 19000, Portland, OR 97280-0990
Phone: (503) 977-8015     Fax: (503) 977-4874

Sterling Warner               
English Department, Evergreen Valley College
3095 Yerba Buena Road, San Jose, CA 95135
Phone: (408) 274-7900, ext. 6605     Fax: (408) 223-9291

Pre-register by Snail Mail
(Stamp & Envelope)




City, State, Zip



Please supply the information above and send with your check payable to "The Young Rhetoricians’ Conference"

Academic (full time) faculty $90.00 •
Peripatetic (adjunct) faculty $70.00 •
I plan to register at the conference •

Return to: Sterling Warner, Co-Chair YRC, Evergreen Valley College, 3095 Yerba Buena Road, San Jose, CA 95135

Young Rhetoricians' Conference Co-Chairs,

Martha L. Henning & Sterling Warner

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to contact us:

We look forward to seeing you in Monterey!